Life at Lochgelly High School

Anti-Bullying Policy

Lochgelly High School is committed to the personal and social wellbeing of all children and young people in the school. We aim to provide community, social and learning environments free from any threat or fear, as a matter of right and as a prerequisite to effective learning and development.

In this context all staff who work within the school are unequivocally opposed to bullying. We fully recognise the damage which bullying can do to young people’s lives – both those who bully and those who are bullied – in the short and long term. We are therefore committed to reducing and preventing bullying and providing appropriate support when bullying does occur. This policy sets clear expectations regarding how these goals will be achieved.

Lochgelly High School aims to:

  • Reduce, prevent and respond effectively to bullying
  • Improve social behaviour through an effective strategy which actively involves children, parents/carers and staff in positive approaches
  • Ensure, through training and participation, that the underlying values of the school are understood and implemented by all those involved
  • Ensure that there are effective methods for monitoring, evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness of this policy, including any effects on minority or protected characteristic groups

Please see our Anti-Bullying Policy document for more information.