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Pupil Support

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Our vision for Lochgelly High School is that we work in partnership to create an inclusive school community which has high expectations of all and places the learner at the centre of everything we do. Our policy and practice is built on our shared belief in the potential of all young people and our commitment to help each of them achieve that potential.

We are committed to meeting the needs of all of our learners. This includes identifying the needs of, and providing support and challenge to, both individuals and groups who may have additional support needs arising from, for example, the learning environment, family circumstances, disability or health needs or social and emotional factors. We recognise that support needs may be temporary or longer term.

We recognise that all learners have an entitlement to high quality personal support which includes:

  • regular review of learning and planning of next steps
  • having access to learning activities which will meet their needs
  • planning for opportunities for personal achievement
  • preparing for changes and choices and support through changes and choices
  • support to move into a positive and sustained destination

All members of our school community have a responsibility to work in partnership to provide this personal support and meet our learners’ needs. In addition, The Support Service has a specific responsibility for delivering key aspects of the support provision within Lochgelly High School at both universal and targeted levels.

Our policy articulates a framework for pupil support based on the GIRFEC principles and adopts a staged intervention approach to ensure a holistic approach to supporting the needs of all learners.

For most learners in Lochgelly High School, their entitlement to effective support is delivered by all staff within the classroom and across the school community. For some pupils, increasingly targeted support may be required and is provided on a graduated scale forming a continuum of support. The continuum of support is designed to ensure coordination, consistency and transparency in support resource allocation. It clarifies roles and responsibilities, prioritises monitoring and tracking and ensures effective planning for transitions.